The Garrity Group provides energy communications for New Mexico’s oil & gas and renewable energy industry

Oil and Gas

According to the 2015 Garrity Perception Survey, the oil and gas industry has shown no change in favorability (44 percent) among New Mexico residents. Oil and gas companies continue to face negative messaging issues while being a top contributor to the health and wealth of New Mexico’s economy. The Garrity Group assists oil and gas industries by creating special messaging tailored to cultural communities to create relevance among target audience. Our team has a strong track record building key opinion leader influence among oil and gas supporters and leaders. As the digital realm may be unfamiliar to oil and gas industries in New Mexico, The Garrity Group helps organizations build a digital strategy to properly educate and alert the uninformed New Mexico resident about the oil and gas industry.


According to the 2015 Garrity Perception Survey, favorability of the solar and wind industry (61 percent) has declined among New Mexico residents. The Garrity Group helps the renewable energy industry regain influence in key areas. Through grass roots approaches, the Garrity Group builds thought leadership for renewable energy organizations in key geographical areas for the state. New Mexico solar and wind companies can utilize The Garrity Group’s media relations expertise by developing news bureaus and online media programs to inform those interested in the issues surrounding the solar and wind industry.



Garrity Perception Survey - Oil and Gas